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Help them! Care for them

Help them! There’re differences but they are living beings like us. The don’t earn and speak but they breathe like us. The don’t dance and tik tok but still entertain us.

Help them, Feed them! if you See them! nearby your residence, around your work place or anywhere you go.

Remember, they’ll always protect you. We are doing our bit, Are you?

“Save Wild, Save Nature”

“Save Wild, Save Nature”

A Walk To Remember

Rain is about to outburst and shower to clean up the mess we make and help the nature bloom and increase oxygen for us to breathe.

On a fine morning at around 6:00am, cloudy and drizzling I went on a walk with Mylo, couldn’t stop myself from finding a spot to stand and take a shot IMG_20200515_061358__01-01of this beauty we were walking into which was completely hypnotic and as a matter of fact i never take my phone along for a morning walm and this was as if it was all planned.

We were so attracted and It felt like we are being pulled. But then we had to walk back home as the day started and transports were all over the roads. Made our day. Everytime i sleep i wish the next day morning be like this.


Going An Extra Mile – Vegetable Farming At Home

It wasn’t easy at all in the beginning, until we made an effort to learn and did it our self. We then realized and felt that is it? Well yes it is that easy to grow with so much of training material available online with 100% results. “Growing your own veggies, can change the way you live and your perception as well help gain truck loads of patience and of course the outcome is always surprising”.

Yes! I am talking about growing some of the necessary vegetables at home. A few reasons why we chose to grow green because its Easy, cheaper, convenient and safe but not enough. However they are still the need of the hour. We’ve a huge garden at home and situation demands to start experimenting on what veggies can be grown at home and surprisingly we found a BIG list some of them we have already started growing.

List of Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits you can grow at home.

  1. Mint Leaf (Easy to grow)
  2. Tomato (Easy to grow)
  3. Chilly (Easy to grow)
  4. Lemon Grass
  5. Papaya
  6. Banana
  7. Fenugreek (Easy to grow)
  8. Basil Beans
  9. Broccoli
  10. Curry Leaves (Easy to grow)
  11. Carrots
  12. Chives
  13. Lettuce
  14. Lemon
  15. Thyme… and so on.
If you are lucky enough to have larger garden at home can find more space-intensive crops such as melons, pumpkins, potatoes and corn.

Other vegetables that offer a very good return on your investment include:

Friends with small gardens or space constraints at home recommend you do vertical gardening or in containers. Here’s a quick demonstrations of how you can grow Mint leaves also known as Pudina and Mentha with super simple steps and easy to grow and can go en extra mile if you wish to.

Watch & Learn 2 Methods on how to grow mint leaves at home.

– Leaves fresh from the market can be regrown again in water.

– Leaves grown from water with roots can be further pushed to pots for bigger harvest
– Learn 6 essential benefits of Mint leaves which will in your help day to day life to live strong and healthy.


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Together let’s Grown Green and Go Green 🙂

How did Covid19 help in upgrading skills and become an opportunity?

How did #lockdown and industry experience helped us in practicing and upgrade our skills?

What better time to experiment, it’s now or never. With work life balance, we end up leaving our passion behind, #Covid19 helped us get back our hobbies we almost lost.

1. We chose a topic, Did a research.

Always wondered what it takes to Produce a Film, from understanding a need to producing a script till the viewers comment.

We planned to convert our vegetarian ideas in videos and start our YT channel.

Vegetarian ideas? Check the link below 
Unless you DIY, you will never understand the challenges and efforts of a project.

2. We Started small & made notes.
3. We Planned & Scheduled in parts.
4. We Gathered material to set up.
5. We used Mobile camera and free softwares to publish the video.
6. Found a platform to share our content which is YouTube in our case.
7. We kept our Patience and Energy high. Applied industry practices to make this happen.
8. Learnt how to start youtube and basics of SEO.
9. Result? We learnt a lot  as we apply project management skills, day to day smart tools and applications we use to deliver a final product. Got our questions answered.

All it takes is passion, confidence & patience.  

Take Away from the attempt:
– Bring your ideas on Paper.
– Planning your audience.
– Technology and applications.
– Branding, Communication and Marketing
– Planning and Scheduling.
– Film Production.
– Mediums of Communication.
– Channel Management.
– Future planning.
– Knowing your USP.
– Who are your compitator.
– Scope of Work.
– Media and Project Management
– What is Retention of Audience.

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A Weekend In Coorg – Places To Visit In Karnataka, In India.

We’re super happy to introduce you to our brand new channel, which took its shape after almost a year of planning, filming & hard work


We are thrilled to know your thoughts 😀 on our new journey which is all about
Travel Vlog, Budget Travelling, Gardening at Home, Eco friendly culture, Food places to visit, Things on How To DIY and a lot more nature friendly adventurous activities.

Watch out brand new uploads,
1. A Weekend In Coorg | Budget Travellers (Places to visit in Karnataka)
2. How To Make A Compost Bin At Home (Composting) Part 1
3. Learn How to Make a Compost At Home (Green Kitchen Waste) Part 2


1. A Weekend In Coorg | Budget Travellers (Places to visit in Karnataka)

After crazy hours of work at office, we desperately wanted to take a break and plan a weekender, what better place then Coorg. We started searching places on google, ended up on Thrillopihia. Had to decide between Trekking and Camping, found a Combo 😀 “Civet Creek surrounded with coffee plantation.

While finishing our office hours, we booked the package reached home and backpacked to start our Journey on a Friday Night from Bangalore-Madikeri. Enjoy our vlog take a quick Coorg Tour & Coorg Tourist Places. We are always Budget Trips planners and so we chose govt transport to travel to the nearest destination to reach the camp side. A Weekend in coorg will give you all the incites on how the place looks like, food in coorg, Camping & Trekking. Also take a look at the list of places to visit in Coorg/Madikeri, Abbey Falls, Irupu Falls, Mallhalli Falls, Raja’s Seat and more.

Enjoy the Journey “A Weekend In Coorg”
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Camp Site :

How can one plan a trip to Coorg? Below are some details ====================================================

What is this place?
A Beautiful hill town in the Western Ghats of India. Coorg is famous for Coffee plantation and adventurous activities like Trekking, Nature walk, River Rafting. You will find a waterfalls and nature spots and major tourist attractions. ====================================================
Where is this place on earth?
Coorg is located in South India, Karnataka. 266 kms from Bangalore, Karnataka – India. Mysore is closest city.
Places to visit in Coorg.
Abbey Falls. Irupu Falls. Mallhalli Falls. Bramhagiri Hills. Golden Temple. Raja’s Seat. Madikeri Fort. Kodagu Rafting. Coffee Plantation. ====================================================
How did we travel?
We took a Govt Bus from Satellite Bus Station in Bangalore to Madikeri. From Madikeri we used local buses to travel to our camp site. You can also hire a car from Mysore and end the journey back to Mysore. ===================================================
How to travel?
A 4 wheeler will be a perfect option. One can also travel from Mysore. If intend to FLY you may have to reach Bangalore which is the closest International AIRPORT. GOOGLE MAPS: 

Who would love this place?
Its hard to not like this place specially if you are a Backpacker, Photographers, Trekkers, Hikers and Nature lovers, Coorg is enchanting and has amazing landscapes and Treks. The roaring water with lush green picturesque, trekking here can be one of the most pleasurable experiences for anybody.

Right time to visit?
Between September to Feb is the perfect weather to visit.

How is the food? Food is really complimenting and worth trying. We loved the vegetarian food across Coorg, so do not worry about food 🙂

Have a great trip 🙂
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Hogenekkal Waterfalls – First Official Travel video (OuterSpace)

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A surprise visit – Amazing Clay Pot Making – Indian Pottery

The road trip get amazing, when you have surprises on the way. Art and Craft Ideas. India’s oldest culture that has no end to it and classic way to make a clay pot. Watch and try how to make Clay a Pot and take it off from the wheel to let it dry.

While stopping by at the Kala Ghoda Festival, found a guy making making quick and beautiful clay pots.

Stay Strong, after every sundown comes a Sunrise.

“Stay strong, after every sunset comes a sunrise”
White Rann Of Kutch – Gujarat, INDIA
Good evening & Have a beautiful sundown.